Who am I?

I’m a dreamer, overlander, artist, animal lover, thrill-freedom-peace-seeker, and an overall wild woman. My name is Adrienne Cruser, welcome to my cloud nine.


While I spent the last decade running a private medical practice in Lynchburg, Virginia, I’ve worked in various industries and areas over the years. At 33, I’ve decided to hit the road in search of my true career calling as some sort of artist and humanitarian…with my 63 year old mother. It’s my hope to share bits of that adventure with you and give you a taste for the road, too!

Something I do wherever I go is train dogs. Dog training and behavior management is a life-long passion of mine and my first word really was “dog.” Growing up in a dog kennel with professional dog trainers as parents gave me a unique perspective on canine behavior. The phrase “pied piper of dogs” has even been thrown around. Follow the link to find out more about my love of dogs: www.facebook.com/myfirstwordwasdog


Speech with Denice is another business that “travels with me” and is an exciting new alternative to traditional face to face speech and auditory-verbal therapy. Teletherapy is the wave of the future. Follow the links below to learn more about the exemplary services we provide at Speech with Denice:



My favorite thing is to bring good cheer to whatever I’m doing, but I’m known for being quite candid, too. This is a place for stories and tips about traveling and boondocking, but you never know when I’ll write about the complexities of holidays, boobs, or boxed cake mixes. I hope my stories encourage you to step out and live the hell outta life in your own wild way…because “one day you’re here, baby and then you’re gone.”