He who rides the pony must some day fall…

This is one of my all-time favorite songs and no, that’s obviously not one of the best vocalists from my generation, Chris Cornell, singing. It’s Andrew Wood.

Cornell put Temple of the Dog together with members of Mother Love Bone and other unknowns, who would all  later become rock legends in Pearl Jam, as a tribute to his friend who died too soon.

I’ll never know why so many incredibly gifted folks have to die as a result of depression, malfunkshun, and addiction. As someone who never thought I’d see the age of 15, I sure am grateful to celebrate my life today as I turn 35.

I can only hope that I’ve made the kind of impact on this world that would one day cause my friends to make such an epic tribute to my life that would bring so many joy.

If you haven’t seen this song performed by Pearl Jam in Madison Square Garden, you should check out that DVD.

Rest In Peace Chris Cornell. Thanks for giving my generation so many awesome bands and songs to rock out to.

“Life is what you make it.”


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