May 18th is the day my Poppies and I were born; he in 1930, me in 1982.

Even though we were of different worlds and rarely understood each other, we loved each other more than words can express.

My Poppies was the most progressive dude I’ve ever known. He was also the most positive thinker and a huge Dale Carnegie fan. He was kind to everyone he met-literally everyone. He was always learning more about humanity, technology, and life even into his eighties.

My Poppies taught me the importance of character, integrity, family, meticulousness, a classic western, a good laugh, a little something sweet, a sharp game of Spades, and a properly detailed car. He not only supported me in every wacky endeavor, but cheered me on. He debated the fine points of both concrete and existential ideas with me gracefully even when we disagreed-which was more often than not.

My Poppies, Benjamin Earl Clapp, was The Man. I miss him tremendously.

As you go out into the world tomorrow, I encourage you to support those you don’t even understand, to be kind to those who annoy you, to be patient with those who don’t deserve it, to show your people you love them, and to enjoy all of the tiny gems life has to offer 💖💖💖

Happy 87th birthday, Poppies, thank you for everything 😘


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