Leaving Nicaragua 2015

Mom and me over  24 hour long travel adventures:

Mom walks into airport in Managua, Nicaragua:

Sets a bag on the ground. Something explodes.


Thank goodness we knew how to say, “it’s beer!” and “sorry!” in Spanish. Good thing they were chill about it and I had a rum back up. I’m the perpetual girlscout who was never actually in scouts.


Mom and I window shopping in the airport:

“They just *look* Smurfier.”
“Yeah, I like the Smurfier ones, too.”


Me shopping inside the airport:

“Did you see the muu-muus?!? They were embroidered beautifully and only 420C!! And the hem! And the colors! And the topstiching! And the designs! I’m getting a muu-muu for each of us!!! What color do you want?! Nevermind! I’ll pick out the right one!” *runs off to explore muu-muus*
I always get excited about the right kind of muu-muu.


Aboard the plane:

“Tonight, our pilot, Captain Kirk, will be guiding us to our next destination.”
*cabin errupts in laughter*


Sharing my shopping discoveries with mom on the plane:

“So glad I bought these bull horns. A bull needs her bull horn earrings. Plus, they were only 80C! ($3)”
Mom: “Well, what does a ram need?”
“Rams wool.”
Mom: “Rams wool?”
“Yeah, it sounds like I’m saying ‘lambs wool’ wrong, but I really mean rams wool. Merino, they call it? I like rams wool better. Rams wool. Ramswool. Whamswool.”


During the flight:

Mom: “I can’t wait to take this bra off.”
Me: “I can’t wait to take these bull horns out of my bra.”


Me at random strangers in the Charlotte, NC airport:

“Hey guys, will you please tell the old white woman in the purple hoodie and red suitcase with the young gal in braids down there to go ahead and get us a car!”
*dudes stare at me like I’m insane*
Some awesome laughing lady gives mom the message from “your daughter.”
*Operation Escalator Telephone Game/Memo Service*=great success! !


Picking up my dogs from boarding:

Boarder: “I think he was a little scared of her.” In reference to Nilda.
Mom: “Yeah, the proverbial apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Travel days always seem like twenty days rolled into one, but we made it back unmaimed and happy!

We had many a hiccup this week-no water or electricity at times, some mild disorientation with some wack paper maps with roads where there are no roads and no roads where there are roads, anxiety over driving in Managua and these insect/arachnid bites I’ve sustained despite plenty of tough bug spray (what can I say? I’m sweet!), and the final challenge of our last flight being cancelled turning our last hour of travel into five.
We shared a rental car with the kindest Randy-Mac student and drove home in the middle of the night, but managed to have a blast the whole way along and are looking forward to our return to Nicaragua!

We fell in love with the country, it’s people, landscapes, food and culture-just can’t wait to explore more ♡♡♡


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