Callisto Goes to the Dog Park

Now that my girl has all of her vaccinations, I can take her to the dog park! Yesterday, we tried out Dylan’s Dog Park at SARA Park on the south end of town. They have an area for dogs under 25 pounds and a yard for large dogs or small dogs who can hang with the large pups. I started her in the small dog run to see how she would do. I’m pleased that she respected the little dogs who didn’t want to play and was gentle with the little dogs who did.

Today, I took her to Avalon Dog Park and she got to play with big dogs. She loved this. I’ll have to continue to expose her to the little dogs to keep her manners. We met a boxer mix named Zeus who wanted to wrestle hard and carry her around by her harness like a suitcase. The crazy part is that she loved it! She also made a buddy in Teddy, a 9 month old Australian Shepherd, who herded her around the park. Callisto¬†played hard today and kept going back for more. She needs a bath now.

Even though she’s doing great with her obedience work, I have been concerned about the size of the yards and the distractions. I wondered whether or not she would come to me when it was time to go.

Both days, when it was time to go, I called her to me and she came on the first command. Much to my surprise, she heeled off-lead perfectly over to the gate, went through the first gate without hesitation or distraction, and then, she sat at the second gate waiting for me to hook up her leash.

This is testament to higher expectations. I was worried the dog wouldn’t even come to me, but she performed well above that expectation.

I’m so proud of my puppy, Callisto, and can’t wait to see what I can teach her next! If you’re in the Lake Havasu City, Arizona area and have dogs, the three dog parks in town are excellent opportunities for socialization and exercise.



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