First Impressions of Orange County

We’re finally in Orange County after waiting for mom’s California license to come through. It’s pretty in it’s own way, but it’s cold. I’m trying to get my bearings, but I haven’t fallen in love with it, yet.

This week, I:

Saw dolphins swimming through a flock of giant sea gulls.

Enjoyed Dante’s first visit to the beach and ocean with him.

Watched a court mandated recovery group do beach-y group activities.

Couldn’t get the funky gas nozzles around here to stay in the truck gas tank.

Got charged 35 cents every place I used my debit card.

Cruised some gorgeous sections of the PCH for the first time in twelve years.

Watched people do strange and hilarious workouts in the public parks.

Spent more time on the road than anything else.

Saw two yachts on land for sale with oil drills in the same view.

Got to hang out with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever.

Saw my first blue haired karaoke.

Saw seals playing in the ocean.

Waded in tide pools.

Saw a person driving down the PCH on a moped in full Ghillie suit.


Mom and I have decided the randomness of everything is why people get addicted to the L.A. area lifestyle, or Southern California in general. I’m not so sure about this place, yet…


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